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GPS stamping works

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... ... @@ -21,6 +21,13 @@ Make a folder called LogGen inside your cruise directory. Now navigate to your L
21 21 Program files, where you should find a file called . In the command prompt,
22 22 run:
23 23 perl
  24 +
  25 +If you choose to use a gps device for geolocation of entries, it needs to be connect
  26 +via serial to the computer. For computers without serial ports, you can use USB to
  27 +serial converters such as th StarTech ICUSB232v2. Plug it into the computer's USB
  28 +Port and run "mode" in the command prompt. The COM port with the highest number is
  29 +likely to be you USB to serial converter. The baud rate will be dependent on the
  30 +GPS device, look for it in it's documentation.
24 31  
25 32  
26 33 HEARDER INFO for .out files
... ...