A collection of Perl routines which automate log book entry for oceanographic cruises. Stamps every entry with time and geographical coordinates, provided a GPS is connected via serial and stores the info in machine-readable format. – readme.md



Install the Padre perl editor (and accompanying modules) from this location http://padre.perlide.org/

Check that you now have perl installed by running in the command prompt perl -V

Install the cpanminus module by running in the command prompt cpan App::cpanminus

Install the NMEA perl module using cpanminus by running int the command prompt cpanm GPS::NMEA

Dependencies are now installed.


Make a folder called LogGen inside your cruise directory. Now navigate to your LogGen Program files, where you should find a file called LogGen.pl . In the command prompt, run: perl LogGen.pl

If you choose to use a gps device for geolocation of entries, it needs to be connect via serial to the computer. For computers without serial ports, you can use USB to serial converters such as th StarTech ICUSB232v2. Plug it into the computer's USB Port and run "mode" in the command prompt. The COM port with the highest number is likely to be you USB to serial converter. The baud rate will be dependent on the GPS device, look for it in it's documentation.

HEARDER INFO for .out files

LINE 1 : Cruise info LINE 2 : Cruise folder path LINE 3 : GPS feature on or off (1 or 0) LINE 4 : GPS serial port name LINE 5 : GPS serial port baud rate LINE 6 : Number of operation types (N) LINE 7 : First operation type LINE 7+N : Last operation type LINE 7+N+1 : Number of stations (M) LINE 7+N+2 : First station name;station latitude;station longitude LINE 7+N+2+M : Last station name;station latitude;station longitude LINE 7+N+3+M : Sequential current leg number LINE 7+N+4+M : Column titles LINE 7+N+5+M : Start of data entries


COL 0 = entry type (station,operation,comment) (string) COL 1 = latitude in decimal degrees (float) COL 2 = longitude in decimal degrees (float) COL 3 = time in ISOXXXX standard yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM:SSZ (string) COL 4 = entry value (station name, ..., comment) (string)