A collection of Perl routines which automate log book entry for oceanographic cruises. Stamps every entry with time and geographical coordinates, provided a GPS is connected via serial and stores the info in machine-readable format. – readme.md


HEARDER INFO for .out files

LINE 1 : Cruise info LINE 2 : Cruise folder path LINE 3 : GPS feature on or off (1 or 0) LINE 4 : GPS serial port name LINE 5 : GPS serial port baud rate LINE 6 : Number of operation types (N) LINE 7 : First operation type LINE 7+N : Last operation type LINE 7+N+1 : Number of stations (M) LINE 7+N+2 : First station name;station latitude;station longitude LINE 7+N+2+M : Last station name;station latitude;station longitude LINE 7+N+3+M : Sequential current leg number LINE 7+N+4+M : Column titles LINE 7+N+5+M : Start of data entries


COL 0 = entry type (station,operation,comment) (string) COL 1 = latitude in decimal degrees (float) COL 2 = longitude in decimal degrees (float) COL 3 = time in ISOXXXX standard yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM:SSZ (string) COL 4 = entry value (station name, ..., comment) (string)