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Jenna Joyce: UoOttawa w/ Jackie Dawson
- Shipping in the Arctic (Corridors)
- Corridors & Environment/Culturally significant areas coexistence
Ewelina Luczko: Baird & associates "where land meets water"
- Coastal engineering - wave modeling
- Wave energy generation in SWAN
Lindsay Chipman: UoColorado - Boulder
- Cycling of O2 and C in permeable sediment
- O2 flux from <w'O'>
Lei Ren: NUI Galway
- Surface flow fields from CODAR & Model
- Focus area: West Coast of Ireland
Russel Glazer: UoFlorida - Tallahassee
- Saturation over ice & water in models
- Cloud formation scheme
Blanche St-Béat: ULaval - Qc
- Food Webs: distinguish ecosystemséestablish stability
- Resilience vs Resistance: Wood house is better than hay or bricks?!
Feifei Sun: Andrea Scott student
- Predict ice thickness from data
- New assimilation methods
Dennis Monteban: Denmark university
- Study of Fjord west of Greenland / Wave-Ice damping
- Validated & Calibrated MIKE model
Ben Moore-Maley: UBC w/ Susan Allen
- 3D modeling of Salish Sea @ 500m resolution
- Wind driven circulation/interactions
Nancy Chen: DFO - St-John's
- Satellite SSH anomaly -> water transport
- Labrador & Scotian Shelf
Deborah Benkort: PhD Laval
- Krill aggregation & dispersion in GSL/GSE
- Effect of envt. on growth, distribution, reproduction
Becky Segal: MSc UVic
- Permafrost thaw sumps work before
- Ice prediction/obs and creating relevant products for communities
Charles Brunette: McGill with Bruno
- Predictability using Lagrangian methods
- Seasonal & Regional
- Later formation -> Thinner ice -> Minimum ice extent
Onur Bora: Coastal engineer/PhD student in Istanbul
- Hydrodynamics effects from shipping -> impact on sediment
- Water cooling/intake system design
Olivier Asselin:
- Figure out the atmosphere
- Energy constant vs \lambda for different processes: 2 slopes for everything?!
Nathan Grivault: UoAlberta w/ Paul Myers
- Freshwater in the Arctic: Arctic -> Lower latitudes
- Impact on circulation: Export vs Forcing
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