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- Pro Git
- Git From The Bottom Up
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- Git From The Bottom Up
## Code Automation
Computers are good for tedious, error-prone, complicated and/or repetitive tasks.
Applicable to:
- Version control
- Back ups
- Model management
- Visualization
- Code
- Manuscripts
- Pre/Post-processing tools
Assignement: Create a note repository, host, share and write down after each session
**Your most important collaborators are your past and future selves**
Separate code repo from:
- Big binary files (Version control software would just make a copy)
- Source code (to update model source code more easily/differentiate files that have been changed)
**History is messy. It's better to see the whole history than to see a pretty history.**
Readme files are important for new users and collaborators, including your future self.
Use scripts, not GUIs, to automate
Jupyter notebooks are great for demonstration and documentation
`tree` shows ASCII art of a directory tree (
More info at:
Exercise: Basic code automation: Using python, write a script that handles arguments, creates directories and moves/renames files.
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