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MUDPACK Version 5.0.1
Multigrid Software for Solving Elliptic Partial Differential Equations


Author: John Adams

MUDPACK 5.0.1 is written in Fortran 77 and 90 but it may not fully comply
with either Fortran standard. We have not run the code through a rigorous
standards checker, other than the various compilers we have used in building
the code. Users whose applications require strict adherence to the standard
must provide this assurance themselves.

Documentation for this software package is provided in file MUDPACK5.0.1.html
and companion image file Stackedgrid.gif. We intend the document for browsing
on your local computer.

Recent bugfixes
None. This library is regarded as legacy.

Compiling the Library and Test Programs
Our Makefile requires the following: a Unix or Linux or Mac operating system, gmake,
and a Fortran 90 compiler. If successful, this Makefile builds a static library
libmudpack.a and several binary executables.

Examine file to see if your OS and compiler are represented. If they
are not, you should modify file and the Makefile in each directory
(main, src and test) so that they are represented.

If you desire double precision floating-point arithmetic, you should modify Makefile
and with compiler options for promoting single to double precision. Your
compiler's user guide will have information on the required compiler options.