#$Id: README,v 1.5 2005-07-18 07:56:19 lars Exp $

Currently, there are three versions of the GOTM documentation with the
names coded as "papertype.filetype". These are:


"filetype" can be dvi, ps, or pdf. To produce these files type "make
"papertype_filetype" in this directory. For example, 

"make letter_pdf"

will create the documention in US-letter format, which
can be display with 

"acroread letter.pdf".

Similarly, the files "a4.pdf" and "html.pdf" can be produced, where
"html.pdf" essentially corresponds to the paper version of the 
GOTM web documentation. The web version is produced from the 
latex source code by typing 

"make html_web". 

The html-pages are created by "latex2html" such that your result
depends on the variables you have set in ".latex2html-init" in 
your home directory (or their defaults if you don't have this file). 

To copy the html-pages to the server type "make html_scp". 
This option is available only to those that have the password.