The measurements for this Lago Maggiore
scenario were made during three days in winter 1995
(December 18-21) at the shore of Ispra (45deg 49,244'N, 8 deg 36,377'E).
The measurements were carried out with an uprising profiler located 150 m 
from the shore at a water depth of 42 m.  Such the sampled depth interval 
ranged from 30 m up to the surface.  On the profiler, an MST shear
probe, a fast temperature sensor and temperature and conductivity probes 
were mounted such that profiles of turbulent dissipation rate, temperature 
variance, mean temperature and mean salinity could be derived. For a detailed 
description of the data analysis, see Stips et al. (2002).

Wind speed was measured from a small buoy about 30 m away from the
probe location with an anemometer at a height of 95 cm above the water
surface. The surface heat fluxes were calculated from the heat gain of the 
water column under consideration of the solar radiation.

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Stips, A., H. Burchard, K. Bolding, and W. Eifler, 2002: Modelling of 
convective turbulence with a two-equation k-epsilon turbulence closure scheme, 
Ocean Dynamics, 52, 153-168.