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! specifications for the KPP turbulence model
! Set "turb_method=99" in gotmturb.inp and check for the correct pre-processor
! macros in cppdefs.h.
! These are (see documentation at
! NONLOCAL                for inclusion of non-local fluxes
! KPP_SHEAR	          for shear instability interior mixing
! KPP_INTERNAL_WAVE       for internal waves interior mixing
! KPP_CONVEC	          for convective interior mixing
! KPP_DDMIX	          for double-diffusion interior mixing
! KPP_TWOPOINT_REF        for two grid points to compute reference values
! KPP_IP_FC	          for scheme to interpolate MLD
! KPP_CLIP_GS	          for clipping of shape function G(sigma)
! KPP_SALINITY            for computation of salinity diffusivity
! These pre-processor macros have been introduced for higher efficiency
! of the code.
! The main flags for the KPP algorithm can be set in this file.
! They are:
! kpp_sbl         ->   .true. for active surface boundary layer module
! kpp_bbl         ->   .true. for active bottom boundary layer module
! kpp_internal    ->   .true. for active interior mixing
! clip_mld        ->   .true. for clipping of MLD at MO or Ekman scale
! Ric             ->    critical value of bulk Richardson number
  kpp_sbl=         .true.
  kpp_bbl=         .true.
  kpp_interior=    .true.
  clip_mld=        .false.
  Ric=             0.3