These simulations are made for the location of station 271 Central Eastern
Gotland Sea of the Baltic Sea at 20 deg E and 57.3 deg N with a water depth 
of 250 m. Initial conditions for temperature and salinity are derived from 
measurements. Meteorological forcing was available from the ERA15 reanalysis 
data set (
For the penetration of solar radiation into the water column, fairly 
turbid water (Jerlov type IB) is assumed. Salinity concentrations are nudged 
to observations with a time scale of 2 days.

The simulation is carried out for the years 1980-1990.
For the discretisation, the water column has been
divided into 100 vertical layers, with a strong zooming towards the surface,
resulting in a mean near-surface resolution of less than 0.5 m.
The time step for these simulations is set to 10 minutes.

For details of the gotland scenario see:

Burchard, H., K. Bolding, W. Kuehn, A. Meister, T. Neumann, and L. Umlauf, 2006:
Description of a flexible and extendable physical-biogeochemical model system 
for the water column, J. Mar. Syst., 61, 180-211, 2006. 

Data files:

meteo.dat      meteorological data extracted from the ERA15 reanalysis data set
sprof_271.dat  deep salinity profiles at station 271
tprof_271.dat  deep temperature profiles at station 271