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A data set which has been used throughout the last 20 years as a calibration 
for mixing parameterisations has been collected during the measurements of 
the Fladenground Experiment 1976 (FLEX'76) campaign. These measurements
of meteorological forcing and potential temperature profiles were carried out 
in spring 1976 in the northern North Sea at a water depth of about 145 m and 
a geographical position at 58 deg 55'N and 0 deg 32'E.
The simulation is run from April 6 to June 7, 1976. The Kondo (1975) bulk 
formulae have been used for calculating the surface fluxes.

This test case comes together with the Fasham et al. 
(1990) biogeochemical model. For details, see the GOTM test case documentation
on or Burchard et al., 2006:

Burchard, H., K. Bolding, W. Kuehn, A. Meister, T. Neumann, and L. Umlauf, 2006:
Description of a flexible and extendable physical-biogeochemical model 
system for the water column, J. Mar. Syst., 61, 180-211, 2006.