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Ajout du script sverdrup.jnl dans le cas test ghent

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let zooc=zoo*84
let phytoC=phy*79.5
let detc=det*79.5
let bacc=bac*79.5
!TOTF=total food= r1*Phytoc+r2*Bacc+r3*Detc
!Parameters definition.
define symbol r1=0.55
define symbol r2=0.4
define symbol r3=0.05
let TOTF=($r1)*phytoc+($r2)*bacc+($r3)*detc
define symbol gmax=0.7
define symbol k3=1.0
let GRAZ=($gmax)*zooc*($r1)*phy/(($k3)+TOTF)
define symbol mu1=0.05
let MORT=($mu1)*phytoc
define symbol gamma=0.05
let EXUD=($gamma)*phytoc
let loss_day=loss[l=@sbx:24]
!Define the primary production.
!Define Ps.
define symbol alpha=0.1
define symbol inib=0.001
define symbol vp=0.8
define symbol ps=($vp)/((($alpha)/(($alpha)+($inib)))*(($inib)/(($alpha)+($inib))))^(($inib)/($alpha))
!Photosynthesis equation.(Platt 1980)
let prod=($ps)*(1-exp(-1*($alpha)*par/($ps)))*exp(-1*($inib)*par/($ps))
!Estimating daily production (no night effect)
let prod_day=prod[l=@sbx:24]
!Define the primary production, total, new, and regenerated.
let phytoC=phy*79.5
define symbol p0=0.0001
define symbol k1=1.0
define symbol k2=0.23
let new_prod=prod_day*(phytoc+($p0))*(nit/(($k1)*(1+(nit/($k1))+(amm/($k2)))))
let reg_prod=prod_day*(phytoc+($p0))*(amm/(($k2)*(1+(nit/($k1))+(amm/($k2)))))
let tot_prod = new_prod + reg_prod
!Estimating the difference between production and losses, and integrating the values
let prod_net=tot_prod-loss_day
!let prod_intZ=tot_prod[k=@din] ! integrating in the z axis, to get mgC m-2 d-1
!let loss_day_intZ=loss_day[k=@din]
!let prod_net_intz=prod_intZ-loss_day_intZ
! Z(c)
let Zc = prod_net[k=@DIN] - prod_net[k=@IIN]
let compens = prod_net[Z=@LOC:0] ! But integration is missing...?
list/clobber/file=zc_pc1_0910_plus10.dat zc, prod_net, tot_prod, loss_day, zsbl! to write the values to a file
plot/nolabel/line=8 zsbl[l=1651:4128@sbx:24]
plot/nolabel/over/line=7 zc[l=@sbx:3]
let taus = (x_taus^2 + y_taus^2)^0.5
plot/nolabel/axes=0,1,1,0/vlimit=0:1.8:0.2/line=10 taus[l=1650:4180]
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