Commit dd570312 authored by dumoda01's avatar dumoda01
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Ecriture de la valeur des parametres biologiques de bio_ismer dans $out_ismer.par.

parent afaf47ce
......@@ -167,12 +167,47 @@
pfile = trim(out_fn) // '_ismer.par'
LEVEL3 'ISMER parameters saved in ', pfile
! write(*,900) ' vp = ',vp
! write(10,901) vp
! write(*,900) ' alpha = ',alpha
! write(10,901) alpha
! write(*,900) ' inib = ',inib
! write(10,901) inib
write(10,901) vp1
write(10,901) vp2
write(10,901) alpha1
write(10,901) alpha2
write(10,901) inib1
write(10,901) inib2
write(10,901) kn1
write(10,901) ka1
write(10,901) kn2
write(10,901) ka2
write(10,901) mu11
write(10,901) mu12
write(10,901) k5
write(10,901) gamma
write(10,901) w_p1
write(10,901) w_p2
write(10,901) g1max
write(10,901) g2max
write(10,901) k3
write(10,901) beta
write(10,901) mu21
write(10,901) mu22
write(10,901) k6
write(10,901) delta
write(10,901) epsi
write(10,901) r11
write(10,901) r12
write(10,901) r13
write(10,901) r21
write(10,901) r22
write(10,901) r23
write(10,901) r24
write(10,901) vb
write(10,901) k4
write(10,901) mu3
write(10,901) eta
write(10,901) mu4
write(10,901) mu5
write(10,901) w_d
write(10,901) kc
900 format (a,f8.5)
901 format (f8.5)
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