Commit c91f14d2 authored by dumoda01's avatar dumoda01
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Bogue mineur

parent f8ff861a
...@@ -296,11 +296,8 @@ ...@@ -296,11 +296,8 @@
cc(z,i)=z_initial cc(z,i)=z_initial
cc(b,i)=b_initial cc(b,i)=b_initial
cc(d,i)=d_initial cc(d,i)=d_initial
! cc(n,i)=n_initial
! cc(n,i)=nit(i) !CHG3
cc(n,i)=nprof(i) !CHG3 cc(n,i)=nprof(i) !CHG3
cc(n,i)=aprof(i) !CHG5 cc(a,i)=aprof(i) !CHG5
! cc(a,i)=a_initial !CHG5
cc(l,i)=l_initial cc(l,i)=l_initial
end do end do
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