Commit bfd9902e authored by Ariadna Celina Nocera's avatar Ariadna Celina Nocera
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Modification du critere de migration

parent 74bf91b3
......@@ -610,10 +610,10 @@
!Diurnal migration of zooplancton as a function of light and phytoplancton
!(food) concentration
!ws(z,ci) = -1.0*w_zmax*tanh(bertha*(par(ci)-parcrit))
if (cc(p,ci) .lt. pmin) then
ws(z,ci) = -1.0*w_zmax*tanh(bertha*(par(ci)-parcrit))
ws(z,ci) = 0.0
if ((par(ci).lt.parcrit).and.(cc(p,ci) .gt. pmin)) then
ws(z,ci) = 0.0
ws(z,ci) = -1.0*w_zmax*tanh(bertha*(par(ci)-parcrit))
end if
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