Commit b9e7fd9a authored by Dany Dumont's avatar Dany Dumont
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Correction mineure du commit precedent (multiplication par secs_pr_day dans bio_ismer)

parent bb33cab1
......@@ -707,8 +707,8 @@
ws(p1,ci) = w_p1
ws(p2,ci) = w_p2
ppnet(ci) =dd(a,p1,ci)+dd(n,p1,ci)-dd(p1,d,ci)-dd(p1,z1,ci)-dd(p1,z2,ci)-dd(p1,l,ci) &
ppnet(ci) =(dd(a,p1,ci)+dd(n,p1,ci)-dd(p1,d,ci)-dd(p1,z1,ci)-dd(p1,z2,ci)-dd(p1,l,ci) &
do i=1,numc
do j=1,numc
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