Commit 9538a482 authored by dumoda01's avatar dumoda01

Fonction de flottabilite reparee mais non activee par defaut

parent 70b751d6
......@@ -207,9 +207,12 @@
mu4 = mu4 /secs_pr_day
gmax = gmax /secs_pr_day
w_p = w_p /secs_pr_day
w_pmin = w_pmin /secs_pr_day !DD
w_pmax = w_pmax /secs_pr_day !DD
theta = theta /secs_pr_day !DD
w_d = w_d /secs_pr_day
alpha= alpha/secs_pr_day
inib = inib /secs_pr_day !CHG1
inib = inib /secs_pr_day !CHG1
......@@ -574,7 +577,8 @@
! Taux de chute du phytoplancton en fonction de la croissance
! ws(p,ci)=w_pmin+(w_pmax-w_pmin)*exp(-theta*sigma)
! ws(p,ci)=w_pmin+(w_pmax-w_pmin)*exp(-ff/theta)
! ws(p,ci)=w_pmax-(w_pmax-w_pmin)*(ff/theta/(1.+ff/theta))
do i=1,numc
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