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function g_roi(imgFname);

% G_ROI is a function to determine regions of interest in an image.
% This function allows the user to define a series of polygons 
% on an image in order to define regions of interest (roi) for 
% image stabilization. The result is a 2D matrix roi with 1s and 0s.
% Just follow ths instructions.
% Input:  imgFname: the image filename
% Output: The 2D matrix roi written to filename roi.mat
% Author: Daniel Bourgault - 2011

im = imread(imgFname);
hold on;

[m n p] = size(im);

roi(1:m,1:n) = 0.0;

I = repmat([1:m]',1,n);
J = repmat([1:n],m,1);

while answer=='y'

  display(' ');
  input('  Position the image as you wish before defining a polygon. Press ENTER when ready.');
  display(' ');
  display('  Make a polygon with the mouse. Press ENTER when done with this polygon.')
  display('  You will have the option to make more polygons when done with this one.')
  [px py] = ginput;

  px(end+1) = px(1);
  py(end+1) = py(1);
  roiTmp = inpolygon(I,J,py,px);
  display(' ');
  answer = input('  Enter another polygon (y/n)? ','s');
  roi = roi + roiTmp;

ij = find(roi > 1);
roi(ij) = 1;