Commit 729a68ae authored by Daniel Bourgault's avatar Daniel Bourgault
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Added daspect[1 1 1] to g_viz_lab.m to make prettier figures.

parent e468d26b
...@@ -54,4 +54,5 @@ for n=1:length(i_gcp) ...@@ -54,4 +54,5 @@ for n=1:length(i_gcp)
plot(LON(i_gcp(n),j_gcp(n)),LAT(i_gcp(n),j_gcp(n)),'rx','MarkerSize',ms,'linewidth',lw); plot(LON(i_gcp(n),j_gcp(n)),LAT(i_gcp(n),j_gcp(n)),'rx','MarkerSize',ms,'linewidth',lw);
end end
axis([lon_min lon_max lat_min lat_max]); axis([lon_min lon_max lat_min lat_max]);
\ No newline at end of file daspect([1 1 1]);
\ No newline at end of file
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