Commit 0ab1fe4a authored by Daniel Bourgault's avatar Daniel Bourgault

Change the name of the pameter files to g_rect_params.dat

parent 821e679e
......@@ -109,8 +109,10 @@ display(' Welcome to g_rect: a package for georectifying oblique images on a fl
display(' Authors: Daniel Bourgault and Rich Pawlowicz');
display(' ');
inputFname = input(' Enter the name of the parameter file: ','s');
if isempty(inputFname)
inputFname = 'g_rect_params.dat'; % Default name
fid = fopen(inputFname);
nHeaderLine = 0;
gcpData = false;
......@@ -240,6 +242,9 @@ print('-dpng','-r300',[imgFname(1:end-4),'_GCP.png']);
ok = input('Is it ok to proceed with the rectification (y/n): ','s');
if isempty(ok)
ok = 'y'; % Default value
if ok ~= 'y'
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