WERA radial currents processingΒΆ

You have to loggin to the WERA server at UQAR.


~/ cd data1/PAO



~/ cd data2/PAB

Post-processing of WERA radial currents is much simpler than for the CODAR system.

The WERA system outputs data in folders identified by the year and Julian day (for example 2014101 for April 11, 2014).

In each folder (e.g. ~/data2/PAO/2014174/raw/) we find .RFI and .SORT files for every hour (should find 24 files of each extention per day).

Use the shell script do_process_SORT_pol located in /home/wera/bin to generate .crad_pol_lst files.


For example: ~/do_process_SORT_pol 2013244 2013273 /home/wera/data1/PAO

The resulting .crad_pol_lst files will be found in the subfolder YYYYJJJ/results/new/.

To download radial currents from the sites:


rsync -v -e ssh wera@wera-lsle-pao.dyndns.org:/home/wera/data/ftp_transfer/${DATE}${HEURE}*_ascii* .

with for example DATE=2015121 (yyyyJJJ) and HEURE=0100



rsync -v -e ssh wera@*.crad_pol_lst /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/PAO/version5_PAO_ol_noFullCal/NewCalibrations/

Use radiallst2uv.m to convert .lst to .mat files.

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