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Please see notes from field work on 2013-02-01.

Starting 2013-02-01: Change of frequency due to a misreading in the frequency permits...

  • Up to 2013-02-01 19:50 UTC use the "old" antenna diagram to do the calibration
  • From 2013-02-01 19:50 UTC use the "new" antenna diagram

We reprocessed all data from CODAR PAP starting 2012-12-13 date at which the site was operational.

from 2012-12-13 to 2013-02-01 19:50 UTC


Steps to generate new RadialConfigs files:

  • Copy all content of the directory in RadialConfigs
  • run SeaSondeRadialSetUp
  • change output: metrics, processing check MUSIC 40 20 02, no smoothing, filtered

To generate the new Antenna diagram:

  • cd Data/Loops/PATT_PAP1_2012_12_15...xlp

    ==> open .patt - Walk APM up to 2013-02-01 - Boat APM until now

from 2013-02-01 19:50 UTC to now



from 2012-12-20 to 2013-02-06 12:00 UTC


from 2013-02-01 19:50 UTC to now



Go to the "Submesoscale" wiki and click on "useful links" under Outils, then "WERA HF Radar Software - Fortran Programs Documentation". Here we find which Fortran program we need to use to do what we want.


We need to "remove wrong calibration data and apply new ones", so we need to use Modify_WERA_SORT.

1. Steps to generate new calibration phases

  1. loggin to the wera server wera@
  2. cd etc/
In this folder, we find the original calibration files:
  • calibration_pab.wera
  • calibration_pao.wera
If we look at what the content of the calibration file:
  • cat calibration_pab.wera

the phase is given in the 3rd column.

On 2014-10-29 (PAO) and 2014_10-30 (PAB), calibrations were undertaken in the field.

Calibration data are stored in:
  • /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/WERAs/PAB/2014303 every minute from 30-Oct-2014 16:53:20 to 30-Oct-2014 18:11:20
  • /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/WERAs/PAO/2014302 every minute from 29-Oct-2014 17:48:54 to 29-Oct-2014 18:25:54

While the calibrations were running, tracks were recorded with an instrument belonging to Helzel (PAO and PAB) as well as with an instrument belonging to Flament (PAB). So for PAB we are going to be able to compare the two.

The tracks can be found in :
  • /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/WERAs/PAO/HelzelPAO_Track_29-OCT-14 183138.gpx
  • /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/WERAs/PAB/HelzelPAB_Track_30-OCT-14 175446.gpx
  • /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/WERAs/PAB/FlamentPAB_Track_30-OCT-14 182008.gpx

We use the routine GPS_gpx2mat.m to convert .gpx files into .mat files.

We use the routine WERA_AntennaCoord_txt2mat.m to transform the .txt files with antennas'coordinates to .mat files.

We use the routine WERAphase_txt2mat.m to convert the .txt files containing phases into .mat files.

The routine WERAcalibration.m is available at this page.

All the Matlab routines used for the data processing are located in ~/hfr-data-processing/calibrations/.

Outputs of WERAcalibration.m for PAO site are available here: calibrationPAO

PAO - Helzel- Phases in degrees
Antenna nb original phase new phase
1 0 0
2 -0.6181 2.2270
3 -19.9027 -20.8291
4 1.2299 1.2548
5 -21.2304 -15.9611
6 10.7207 12.7500
7 -5.2161 6.0602
8 -14.8695 -14.5626
9 -2.5658 1.1416
10 -16.1023 -14.8303
11 -6.7589 -10.0689
12 -9.7778 -13.8845

The new phase values were saved under calibration_pao_29OCT2014.wera.

Outputs of WERAcalibration.m for PAB site are available here: calibrationPAB

PAB - Helzel - Phases in degrees
Antenna nb original phase new phase
1 0 0
2 1.0514 -19.6031
3 8.3719 77.3093
4 2.0496 -2.8669
5 13.5527 29.2102
6 -3.0394 -1.9353
7 0.9866 -30.6625
8 -2.9561 -7.2423
9 -1.5691 -28.9055
10 -2.4549 -24.0200
11 1.4106 -12.9370
12 -2.7529 -7.4966

The new phase values were saved under calibration_pab_30OCT2014.wera.

2. Re-processing of radial currents with new phases

For the all month of September 2013, we are going to generate new radial currents using the new calibration phases.

Common steps for the post-processing of WERA radial currents is documented here.

For example, let us see what we have to do to generate new radial currents at PAO using the new calibration phases for september 1st, 2013 (Julian day 244):

  • loggin to the wera server

  • go to the folder containing the data:

    . cd ~/data1/PAO/2013244/ . the raw currents are located in 2013244/raw/ . the analysis takes the raw currents, apply the calibration phases and save the resulting radial currents in /2013244/results/ under .SORT and .RFI files using the do_process_SORT_pol shell script. This is done using the original calibration phases. . the new radial currents using the updated calibration phases will be saved under /2013244/results/new.

  • First we need to change the original .SORT and .RFI files and save them to .SORT0 and .RFI0 to save them for future reference. This is done with the shell script located in /hfr-data-processing/postprocessing/wera/.
  • then we need to create a symbolic link to specify with files to use in terms of calibration phases. This file is different for each site.
For the example taken here (site = PAO): calibration.wera.apply ---> calibration_pao_29OCT2014.wera and calibration.wera.remove -----> calibration_pao.wera
  • then we need to run MODIFY_WERA_SORT to generate new .SORT and .RFI files using the new calibration phases.

All these steps are done in a shell script that calls

Large data files transfer has been automatized in that calls

All the shell scripts are located on the WERA server under /home/wera/bin/.


In March 2015, we used data collected in September 2013 to compare old and new calibrations in order to know which ones we should use for the on-going analysis of currents data.


Hourly radial currents from ADCP bin 2 and HFR WERA at PAO - September 2013

Superimposed are the 48-h averages