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**19 OCT 2015:**

- IBM data management request (IBMassessment.odf)
- regenerate new calibration_pao_29OCT2014.wera located in /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/WERAs/PAO
- regenerate new calibration_pab_30OCT2014.wera located in /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/WERAs/PAB
- transfer files via ssh to WERA srv:

        * rsync -v -e ssh /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/WERAs/PAB/calibration_pab_30OCT2014.wera  wera@
        * rsync -v -e ssh /run/media/bandma01/SeagateWireless/MEOPAR/DATA/HFRs/WERAs/PAO/calibration_pao_29OCT2014.wera  wera@

**20 OCT 2015:**

reprocess calibrations with new, corrected phases:

- log onto wera server
- rsync -aud 201324/ 2013244_bkp/
- cd 2013244
- what to do?  
	* add lines rm .SORT, rm .RFI
	* comment lines 30 and 31 (mv .SORT to SORT0 and .RFI to .RFI0)
- try on 2013244
   bash -x do_postprocess_SORT_newCalib -s PAO -y 2013244
- to process more than one day at a time, use:
   bash -x Process_TimePeriod_wera.sh -s PAO -d 2013245 -f 2013273

**21 OCT 2015:**

After the new .SORT and .RFI have been generated, we will generate new .crad_pol_lst files with:

do_process_SORT_pol 2013244 2013273 /home/wera/data1/PAO

- work on a shell to find out if we have data in the "raw" directories 
 ./checkDataSize.sh 2012347 2012365
 ./checkDataSize.sh 2013001 2013365
 ./checkDataSize.sh 2014001 2014365
all logged in ~/data1/PAO/RAWfileSize.log

**27 OCT 2015:**

- write script to plot raw data size vs time to assess if there is data at a certain time period (/home/bandma01/Dropbox/UQAR/MEOPAR_Marion/Matlab_Analysis/dataConversion/DataPresence_log2mat.m)