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<h1>Current combination<a class="headerlink" href="#current-combination" title="Permalink to this headline">¶</a></h1>
<p>Radial currents from WERA and CODAR systems are combined together on a grid to provide total currents approximately every hour.
The processing is conducted on the WERA server (ssh <a class="reference external" href="mailto:wera&#37;&#52;&#48;132&#46;215&#46;11&#46;14">wera<span>&#64;</span>132<span>&#46;</span>215<span>&#46;</span>11<span>&#46;</span>14</a>) and the resulting hourly currents are exported to .csv files to be displayed on he OGSL website (<a class="reference external" href=""></a>).</p>
<p>All the matlab scripts are located in ~/projets/hfr_data_processing/hfr_processing.</p>
<p>A crontab runs the analysis (crontab).</p>
<p>The processing runs as follows:</p>
<p>&#8216;&#8217;&#8216;1- download the last available data at WERA sites&#8217;&#8216;&#8217; (radial currents - ascii format)</p>
<p>For PAO, data is available at HH+00 and HH+30</p>
<p>For PAB, data is available at HH+15 et HH+45</p>
<p>Every 10 min the crontab tries to download data via a shell script:</p>
<p>5,15,25,35,45,50 * * * * /home/wera/projets/hfr-data-processing/hfr_process/</p>
<p>The data is located in: /home/wera/codar_wera_ogsl/archives/data</p>
<p>&#8216;&#8217;&#8216;2- download the last available data at CODAR sites&#8217;&#8216;&#8217; (.ruv)</p>
<p>For PAP and STF, data is available at HH+00</p>
<p>Every 5 minutes, the crontab tries to download data via a shell script:</p>
<p>0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * /home/wera/projets/hfr-data-processing/hfr_process/</p>
<p>The data is located in: /home/wera/codar_wera_ogsl/archives/data</p>
<p>&#8216;&#8217;&#8216;3-&#8216;&#8217;&#8217; at H+55min the crontab runs to &#8216;&#8217;&#8216;combine currents for the last hour&#8217;&#8216;&#8217; via a shell script:</p>
<p>55 * * * * /home/wera/projets/hfr-data-processing/hfr_process/</p>
<p>What does the shell do?</p>
<p>1- copy the .ruv and ascii files located in /home/wera/codar_wera_ogsl/archives/data in the working directory /home/wera/codar_wera_ogsl/travail</p>
<p>2- unzip .gz files</p>
<p>3- convert .ruv to .mat format (ruv2mat)</p>
<p>4- convert ascii to .mat format (ascii2mat)</p>
<p>5- generate (combine) total currents (rad2tot)</p>
<p>At this stage a .mat file is generated (i.e. HFR_LSLE_20150817T170000Z.mat) for each hour.</p>
<p>6- the routine currentsHfrWithAverageExport.m computes the 25-hour current average and exports the hourly currents into a .csv file to be displayed on the OGSL website.</p>
<p>7- the .csv files are moved to the webserver (/srv/www/htdocs/wera/hfrdata) and the .mat are moved in archives (/home/wera/codar_wera_ogsl/archives/matfiles and /srv/www/htdocs/wera/hfrmat) and logs are kept in /home/wera/codar_wera_ogsl/logs (download_codar_rt.log, download_wera_rt.log, ogsl_hfr_treatment.log, reprocess_ogsl_hfr_treatment.log)</p>

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